Alabama Supreme Court Issues Opinion In Exxon v. State

Today, in one of the more high profile cases before the Court, the Alabama Supreme Court issued its opinion in Exxon’s appeal of  a multi-billion dollar judgment against it in favor of the State.  In ExxonMobil Corp. v. Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Ms. 1031167 (Ala. Nov. 1, 2007), the Supreme Court, in an  8-1 opinion with several concurrences, struck the $3.5 billion punitive damage award in its entirety, and reduced the breach of contract award from $63.8 million to $51.9 million.  The opinion was authored by Justice Parker.  Chief Justice Cobb dissented, stating that she would affirm a portion of the punitive damage award.

ExxonMobil’s appeal was handled, along with others, by Lightfoot, Franklin and White attorneys Sam C. Pointer, Jr., Samuel H. Franklin, and M. Christian King.  Sam Franklin and Chris King argued the case before the Alabama Supreme Court.